Advertising on ItsHappeninNow is a unique opportunity to reach a huge global audience in a creative and compelling way. We deliver the right audience and positive return on marketer objectives.

Reach more people

Improve your reach by running your ads across multiple states at longer visibility intervals.

Our Audience

ItsHappeninNow reaches more generations and ethnic groups than any other.

Get users attention

Our ad placements are eye-catching, flexible and work on every device and connection speed.

ItsHappeninNow by the numbers ()

1 % users buy advertisers goods
1 ad clicks
1 Registered users
1 Unique visitors
1 % of users between 15-34 yrs old
1 email subscribers
1 product impressions

What We Offer

Boost your brand and generate demand alongside the most desired and viewed content online


A Leaderboard ad is a wide rectangular advertising space that can be seen at the top of website pages. It is the first ad seen on a page. You can't miss them and ItsHappeninNow is free of clutter and ad noise that distract visitors from your advertising message (only one leaderboard appears per section).

Advertisers can place ads on a leaderboard, divided into two slots at the top and bottom of each page, which randomly rotate ads each time a page is loaded.


A Skyscraper ad is a very tall, rectangular advertising space that is very hard to miss and appears beside content. Skyscrapers can be seen starting in the upper portion of the page. This ad cascades down the sidebar and stands out among the crowd. Make your ad standout with the skyscraper ad on ItsHappeninNow.

Advertisers can place ads on a skyscraper, divided into two slots on the left and right of the page, which randomly rotate ads each time a page is loaded.

Mobile App Ads

Would you like to reach your audience on-the-go via their mobile devices? Keep up with ItsHappeninNow users on the move with Mobile Advertising campaigns on tablets and mobile phones.

Possibilities for geo-targeting

Multiple direct interaction possibilities


Social Media & Blog Post (beta)

Shhh, go incognito for your brand. You tell us what to say and we will post it, or have ItsHappeninNow editorial team produce content presented by your brand. ItsHappeninNow offers a wide range of content sponsorships from long-form immersive blog stories to quick social media bites about your brand.

You can associate your brand or product with a place, genre or trend by sponsoring content with ItsHappeninNow. Convert a highly engaged audience into customers by integrating your brand or products into original custom content on the ItsHappeninNow website and app.