About ItsHappeninNow.com

What is ItsHappeninNow.com

ItsHappeninNow.com is designed to allow easy searching for Deals & Events to inform the public on what is going on throughout their area to ensure the term Bored is never used again. To begin promoting your Deals and Events for free all you have to do is click Create Deal or Create Event buttons to post deals and events to share with the public. This website is not to be used for selling personal items for profit. Any post attempting to sell personal items will be removed!

What to do

 To find out what is happening in your local area just simply go to the home page and look up your state or the state you plan on traveling to and plan your savings and fun times by searching through great Deals & Events. Never miss out on anything again because you will always know what is going on by using ItsHappeninNow.com #ItsHappeninNow.

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